What is "Collaborative Curriculum Development for Advanced-Level, Discipline-Specific English Language Education” ?

Our project "Collaborative Curriculum Development for Advanced-Level, Discipline-Specific English Language Education” was adopted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) on September 30th 2008 as one of the "Programs for Promoting High-Quality University Education (Kyoiku GP: Good Practice in Education)" specifically focusing on curriculum reform. The purpose of this project is to develop a curriculum that enables students at an advanced level studying specialized courses of study to acquire knowledge and skills in their areas of specialization as well as strong communication skills in English. At Tsuda College, the following three courses are targeted: computer science, multicultural studies/international cooperation course, and media studies, representing courses from science, social studies, and liberal arts respectively. In this project, we aim firstly to develop educational materials for the students to efficiently acquire knowledge and skills in their specialized fields as well as communication skills in English and secondly to establish a curriculum to utilize the materials. Our further objective is to apply the results of this project to other specialized fields.

COOLL Overview

“COOLL”, which was developed as part of this project, is a system to collaboratively create and utilize English educational materials as well as to share information on the materials. COOLL was originally used only within the Tsuda College internal network. But since October 2010 it is available publically and users can freely register. We aim to gather more information on English educational materials and offer high quality materials by inviting users from outside the campus.

In COOLL, the content is separated into two categories: “source material/data on source material” and “annotated material”. “Source material” includes authentic videos, audios and texts and “data on source material” refers to descriptions, comments, tags and reviews of the source material. “Annotated material“ is equipped with English and Japanese subtitles, transcripts and practice exercises for the source material in order to support English learning. Not all source materials, however, are equipped with these functions. Some of the annotated materials are only available for users in the Tsuda College network.

Let's use COOLL!

All COOLL users can work together to develop or improve the contents of COOLL. You can do the following things when you register with COOLL.

  • You can practice your English listening skills.: Select and listen to authentic listening materials according to your own interests. You can check your listening comprehension using materials with English subtitles.
  • You can gain knowledge in a specialized field. : Source materials are classified into more than 20 categories in the area of the specialty, so those materials are helpful for your study and research.
  • You can evaluate the materials of COOLL. : You can assess the content and the difficulty level of English in COOLL.
  • You can put a link to a Web content by yourself.: You can put a link to your favorite Web content that you want to recommend.