COOLL User Guidelines

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COOLL User Guidelines

Please comply with the following guidelines in the use of COOLL.

Link to COOLL

Please provide a link to COOLL only for non-commercial purposes.


Please acknowledge and accept that all contents of COOLL (source material, annotated material, and data on source material) are the copyright of Tsuda College or copyright holders of source material. To copy and/or reproduce the contents without permission is a violation of the copyright.

Prohibited manners

In COOLL, the following activities by users are prohibited. In the case that we discover a prohibited activity, we will carry out appropriate measures such as deleting the user’s account.

  • Actions that violate other parties’ copyrights or image rights.
  • Actions uploading source material that violates laws or promoting such violation.
  • Actions that slander, defame, libel or cause the loss of another party’s honor or credibility.
  • Displaying information to identify an individual without the concerned party’s permission (including the use of multiple posts to identify an individual).
  • Registering a nickname, a real name or a name that could identify an individual regardless of whether or not the concerned party permits.
  • Action that are offensive to public order and morals.
  • Usage aiming at commercial activity or commercial gain.
  • Actions for the purpose of specific activities such as election campaigning or solicitation to religious organizations.
  • Promulgating highly problematic misinformation or rumors.
  • Sending viruses or other harmful computer programs or files, displaying URLs thereof.
  • Interfering with the operation of this service.
  • Any other actions that violate our terms of use.

Quick Start

  • #0: Sign up
  • #1:ログインとマイページ
  • #2:ログインとマイページ(津田塾版);津田塾アカウントをお持ちの方はこちらをご覧ください
  • #3:素材を見るには?
  • #4:素材の登録とサムネイル
  • #5:教材を見るには?

Maintenance Information

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Every Wednesday 7:00-8:30(JST)