ICT in Class

The following class is an example of the use of ICT in class at Tsuda College.

“English Learning though ICT”

(Offered by Department of English as a non-elective class on Fridays)

Class Overview

The class “English Learning through ICT” was offered in Spring 2010. In this class, students learned how to obtain updated authentic materials for English learning and make effective use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to develop English teaching materials and techniques.

English Learning though ICT:classroom1

Class Content

In this class;

  • Students visited several interactive English learning sites such as smart.fm and lang8 and analyzed the utility, user-friendliness, and accessibility of the sites.
  • Students explored several topics in second language acquisition, learning styles, and social-constructivist pedagogies such as project-based learning, using “Teaching English Language Learners through Technology” as a course textbook. They then discussed how to utilize ICT effectively in order to accommodate diverse needs of learners.
  • Students learned how to manage MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), one of the most commonly used learning management system (LMS), not only as students but also as instructors (course managers).
  • Students learned how to use “COOLL” and commonly available mobile devices to search for appropriate materials and apply them effectively for English learning.
  • Each student made a presentation on her original lesson plan. The presentation was designed appropriately for her target learners and used ICT effectively.

Using “COOLL” for the Class

In this class, COOLL (COllaborative Open Language Learning) was discussed as an English learning tool. Students analyzed source materials and annotated materials on COOLL and discussed how to select appropriate materials considering learners’ background knowledge, age, learning styles or motivation and how to display the selected materials effectively. Students also reviewed some source materials on COOLL and posted new source materials of their choice.


English Learning though ICT:classroom2

At the end of the course, students made presentations on their original lesson plans for their target learners. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • By using online news sites such as BBC One Minute World News and CNN Students News, university students will chat and challenge exercises on Moodle.
  • High school students from Tokyo and other Asian countries will exchange information and opinions by using Ustream.
  • Elementary school students will make a news program on a country of their interest and broadcast the program using various broadcasting tools.